The Content Pros Process

We help businesses and agencies streamline their content marketing in a simple, scalable way.


Earn the quality and reliability of an in-house content writing team at a fraction of the cost.


Gain a scalable, fully-managed solution to consistently deliver high-performing content to any number of clients.

Content Pros creates engaging written content for businesses and agencies around the world.

What We Do:

  • Blog posts
  • White papers
  • eBooks
  • Case studies
  • Video/audio scripts
  • Press releases
  • Website copy
  • Product descriptions
  • Digital courses
  • Lead magnets

What We Do:

  • Promotional content (e.g., newsletter, social media headlines, meta description, Quora responses, etc.)
  • Content upgrades (e.g., checklist, quiz, cheat sheet, template, etc.)
  • Pillar and skyscraper content
  • Topic idea generation
  • Rewrite/update your content
  • Illustration & graphic design
  • Edit, proofread, challenge-read

What We Don’t Do:

  • Student essays
  • Product manuals
  • Social media management
  • Keyword research

Here’s How it Works


Create a Free Account

All of our clients manage content creation through our proprietary platform. This is where you will outline project requirements, communicate with your writing team, and review each new piece of content as it gets written. Agencies manage all of their clients in a single organized account.



Your dedicated account manager will walk you through the onboarding process. This includes documenting your content marketing objectives, buyer personas, and brand voice in your account profile so that they remain consistent across your content. We’ll then assign a writer and editor who match your industry and style.




Every individual piece of content starts with an idea briefing. Fill out our dynamic briefings whichever way is convenient for you: use our questionnaire, write an email, or upload a video screen share. You can even schedule a phone call directly with your writing team. This is where we’ll clarify your content goals, topic, and keywords, as well as any additional resources or instructions.



Our team will research, write, edit, and challenge-read your content to perfection, relying exclusively on authoritative, reputable sources. Every piece of content includes SEO optimization and royalty-free images. Our turnaround time is one business day per 250 words. Not satisfied? Ask for as many free revisions as you need! You can even add optional implementation and promotional content to each order.



With each new order fulfilled, your content writing team will get to know your business and workflow better. We’ll become an extension of your business, providing consistent results with minimal oversight. We’ll even generate new topic ideas for you based on our research.



Leverage SEO best practices with proven results. Our content naturally incorporates high-value, low-competition keywords into EAT-worthy engaging content. Enjoy access to on-demand long-form content generation at any volume. With our team supporting your content strategy, you’ll consistently increase traffic, leads, and conversions for your business or clients.


Got a question? We’ve got answers. Still can’t find your answer? – Reach out to us.

Can I try your service out first?

Absolutely! We offer a commitment-free discounted trial project that includes all the content writing services and care you would receive from us as an ongoing client.

If you would like to test-drive our services and e-meet your designated content writer, editor, and account manager, get started today by creating a free account here and applying this $100-off coupon to your first order: 100offTestDrive. 

After your test-drive, if you agree that we’re a great fit, you can then get up to a 35% discount on all of your subsequent orders with our content writing plans.

How do you deliver the highest quality content in my voice?

Your designated writing team learns and adapts to your tone, style, and strategy as we get to know you. Plus, each piece of content we deliver is reviewed by three to four people, including our Editor-in-Chief, so that it’s high quality and written in your voice.

To consistently create quality content, we only hire the best content writers and we embrace quality control. We don’t let writers produce work for our clients unless they show that they can produce high-quality content for us first. Our hiring process is rigorous, and we hire less than 1% of all content writers that apply to work with us.

All of our content writers are native English speakers, trained in SEO best practices, and specialize in at least one subject matter, industry niche, or writing style. Plus, our writer turnover is very low – our content writers are happy and fulfilled with an average tenure of 4+ years working with us. 

Peruse the samples of our work or review this case study about how one of our clients achieved exponential growth by creating high-quality targeted content.

How do you ensure the content you write is error-free and factually correct?

Each piece of content we write is reviewed by three to four people so that it’s 100% error-free and written in your voice. Your designated writing team collaborates as follows:

  1. Your professional, industry-specific content writer proofreads their own content before completing their final draft.
  2. For complex topics, we often assign a second team member with industry knowledge to challenge read the content.
  3. Your designated editor does a thorough review for grammar, content quality, and SEO best practices.
  4. Your account manager takes a final look before delivering you the finished product.

Our content writers are experienced and knowledgeable within their respective industries. They also provide a reputable source any time they make a claim that requires proof or credibility. The sources are hyperlinked within the content itself, and a list of the sources used is provided at the end of the document for your review.

Read our writing samples by industry to see the quality of our work.

Is the content guaranteed to be free of copyright issues?

Yes, you will receive authentic content written, edited, and proofread by our professional content writers and editors exclusively for your use. Every piece of content meets our high-quality standards and is guaranteed to be free of any copyright or plagiarism issues.

For each deliverable, our professional content writers and editors:

  • Check for plagiarism using human and technological tools.
  • Cite references appropriately throughout the text.
  • Use royalty-free images.

To see real deliverables of our work, visit our samples by industry page.

How can you save us time?

If you’ve ever consistently put out high-quality written content for any extended period, you know one thing:

It takes A LOT of time and effort to do content marketing consistently and well – to be exact, about 18-30 hours per blog post worth of time! You have to:

  • Find and vet content writers and editors
  • Generate topic ideas
  • Research the topics your audience is interested in reading
  • Examine your competitors’ posts for tone and topic ideas
  • Research individual blog posts
  • Write the rough drafts
  • Proofread
  • Find and source images
  • Edit the content
  • Apply revisions
  • Implement onto your website
  • Update outdated content
  • Manage every step and the team

We handle this whole process for you!

Check out this case study to see how working with us can save you time (and money).

What are your turnaround times?

Each piece of content we create is written by a professional writer, edited by our Editor-in-Chief, and reviewed by your designated account manager to ensure every deliverable exceeds your expectations.

Because of this thorough quality review process, our turnaround time starts at 4 business days for orders between 500-1,000 words. For orders above that, it takes 1 extra business day per 250 words.

You have the choice to work with the same writer on every piece of content that we create or pick a new writer at any time. However, if you need a faster turnaround time or a large batch of content, just let us know in advance so that we can assign additional resources.

Read this case study to see how working with us can save you time (and money).

How does your revision process work?

We will apply unlimited revisions to every piece of content that we create until it’s perfect. Once your written content is delivered to you, you have 7 days to get back to us with revision requests. You can request as many changes as you’d like to see as many times as you want. Still not happy? We offer a full refund for any content that you deem unusable.

We collaborate best when our clients leave specific constructive feedback within the Google Doc that we deliver. Global feedback can also be provided to us via email, video or audio recording within our project management dashboard, or by scheduling a call with your designated writing team.

Because you can choose to work with the same writer every time, you’ll find that we quickly learn and adapt to your writing preferences and working style. After the first one or two projects we work on together, you’ll likely only have minor revisions on each piece of content.

To hear directly from one of our clients about our collaborative writing process, read this case study.

Can I talk to your content writers?

Yes, you’ll enjoy direct access to your designated writer, editor, and account manager via email or within our content management platform which accepts written, video, and audio messages. You will also collaborate with your content writing team in the Google Doc of each deliverable.

If you would like to speak live with your content writing team, you’ll have access to each of their calendars to schedule a call at any time. All our calls are recorded, which helps the other members of your writing team stay in the loop with your latest ideas and feedback.

What industries do you specialize in?

Each of our content writers specializes in a specific industry and/or writing style so that we can create authentic content for you. Review samples of our work for our most common industries.

If you don’t see your industry on the list, let us know, and we’ll provide you with a short bio and some samples of an experienced writer that will be a great fit for you. 

Our most popular industries include:

  • Blockchain & Cryptocurrency
  • Data, Analytics, and AI
  • Digital Marketing
  • E-commerce and Retail
  • Education
  • Finance & FinTech (Business and Personal)
  • Fitness, Nutrition, and Self-Help
  • Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals
  • Human Resources and Talent Management
  • IT & Software Engineering
  • Manufacturing
  • Real Estate (Commercial and Residential)
  • Cannabis
What languages do you write content in?

Our content writers are native English speakers, and most of them are based in the U.S. We also have content writers in other English-speaking countries, allowing us to create content in U.S., British, and Australian English.

If you’re interested in content in other languages, we recommend LEXIK’ALL. They provide professional translation services in more than 25 languages, written by native speaking industry experts.

Do you generate topic ideas?

Your content will perform optimally when the topic ideas come from you and your colleagues. Our most successful client relationships work this way because nobody knows your target audience better than you. 

That being said, if you are struggling to come up with new topic ideas, you can let us know, and our team will come up with a few ideas for you based on your content marketing goals and objectives.

You can also use our free blog and social media topic idea generator that provides 200+ unique topics based on a few quick inputs!

Do you conduct SEO research and strategy?

We are 100% focused on providing our clients with excellent written content. This allows us to be among the best at what we do.

While we don’t do SEO research and develop strategies for our clients, our team is trained to incorporate SEO best practices into your content to deliver optimal results. 

What does this mean? We have dynamic idea briefing forms that allow you to share the keywords, links, CTAs, target audience, tone, etc. for your overall content strategy as well as for each individual piece of content. We will naturally implement your strategy throughout the content we create for you.

We’re also happy to refer you to one of our agency partners who can offer you a discounted all-inclusive SEO and content package with us.

What is the difference between Content Pros and hiring a writer from Upwork, Fiverr, iWriter, etc.?

There are a lot of differences, but the main benefits we provide compared to a freelance writer or AI technology are:

  1. Peace of mind
    We’ve spent years recruiting content writers and creating a seamless content production platform so you don’t have to.  Working with Content Pros, you’ll get more than just an experienced writer. Your designated team includes a content writer(s), an editor, and a project manager who follow our established best practices to achieve your content marketing goals. 
  1. Confidence in our ability to recreate your company’s voice
    Our content writing team will become an extension of your marketing team, adopting your company’s voice early in the relationship. Once we start working together, you can choose to work with the same writer on every piece of content that we create or switch writers at any time.
  2. Variety of expertise
    Our curated team of content writers provides expertise in a wide variety of industries, tones, and types of content. This depth and breadth prevents institutional sameness and allows us to immediately pivot whenever you want to try something new.
  3. Satisfaction guaranteed
    We will work tirelessly until you love the content we produce, and we offer a full refund for any content that you deem unusable.

Want to hear directly from our clients about the value we provide? Read our case studies.

How do I apply to write for you?

If you’re a top-notch content writer with proven experience in a specific industry, we’d love to hear from you. Please complete our writer application form