You can’t manage what you don’t measure. After you put in hours of effort to craft great content, optimize every page, and deploy a viable promotion plan, you deserve to measure your success with an established attribution system.

The Importance of Attribution

To make your SEO strategy successful, you’re going to have to create lots of content. Some of that content is going to be more successful than the rest. Attribution helps you identify what your best-performing content is so you can manage your marketing resources effectively.

You don’t have unlimited resources to dedicate to SEO marketing. Investing time and money into your best-performing pages is going to earn you more than spreading your resources equally across all of your content.

Attribution tools let you track the SEO performance of individual pages. That means you can see which pages have the best conversion rates, how many pages users need to visit before converting, and much more.

Once you know what your best-performing pages are, you can dedicate more time and resources to improving them and promoting them to their audience. 

Take Action! Google Analytics offers free, cross-channel attribution to users. It has several attribution models available, making it the go-to tool for gleaning insight into the success of your SEO campaign.

SEO strategy: monitoring and reporting

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Analyze, Optimize, and Be Patient!

Legitimate SEO strategies rarely deliver instant results. Most top-ranking pages earn their place six months to a year after posting.

But you should not spend that time passively waiting for results. There are many steps you can take to improve your on- and off-page SEO strategy over this time, making tweaks and adjustments that just might make an all-important difference in the final outcome.

Thanks to your attribution work, you can now see which pages of yours outperform the rest. There are a few things you can do with the content on those pages:

You can also take this opportunity to start your own blog and begin building a community around your best-performing content. Augmenting your strongest pages with a wealth of valuable insight and the right keywords will transform modest successes into significant revenue generators. 

Look for incoming backlinks and start using them to increase your domain authority. Reach out to people who link to your website and ask them to write a guest blog. Capitalizing on the gains you make in the next six months will ensure you earn optimal SEO results for every piece of content you post.

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