Primalogik, a small, nimble team, provides an HR solution focused on performance management for all types of organizations. Their product assists in efficiently managing performance reviews, gathering 360-degree feedback, tracking progress toward goals, and conducting opinion surveys. In business since 2012, they pride themselves on providing a high degree of flexibility for customers along with an intuitive, user-friendly platform at an affordable price.

Véronique Bader, Primalogik’s marketing communications manager, joined the team in April 2019, and she knew immediately that they needed to reactivate their blog to drive traffic to their site. She also knew that their small marketing team had to find close collaborators who could help meet their content needs. She had a lot of responsibilities on her plate aside from content production, so she needed to delegate. Over the past year, she has found that Content Pros’ team is skilled at delivering exactly what the client wants and making any adjustments necessary to get it just right. 

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Why They Turned to Content Pros 


“Especially being a small team, I didn’t want the blog to be consuming all of my personal time,” she says. “There is a lot more to be done, and writing articles takes a lot of your time, especially when you want to have a consistent flow of articles coming out.” She needed to focus on bigger-picture goals while ensuring a steady stream of quality blog posts for their website that would establish their expertise in the industry. 

“Previously, I did write articles on my own, so I know how much time and effort it takes,” Véronique states. A business focused entirely on content production can create posts much more efficiently than a strapped-for-time marketing professional juggling many other priorities, she asserts.

“When you have a company that does that day in and day out, they will be much faster and more efficient,” she says. Having Content Pros handle the research, writing, and editing of articles sounded like an ideal solution. 

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A Steady Stream of Results


Véronique began to see results from the outsourced content immediately, particularly in the form of increased blog traffic. Google Analytics revealed that a higher number of visitors began arriving via organic search, underscoring the relevance of the topics covered on their blog. They also saw their “likes” and click-throughs on social media increasing.

Additionally, another company in the HR industry that aggregates and publishes useful content picked up one of their articles and soon began republishing all of their content, generating a large volume of traffic to Primalogik’s website. The first article was also nominated as one of the best posts in a competition for best articles in leadership and performance management.

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Primalogik posts an article every two weeks. Consistency is key, Véronique affirms. “It helps us establish our knowledge in the industry and build trust with people that come to the blog,” she asserts. The articles provide valuable insights into the HR industry steeped in research, speaking to issues that readers are looking for information about. “People want to feel that you understand their needs, the market,” Véronique says. Their blog posts provide value beyond what the product itself delivers, helping their clients become more knowledgeable and skilled in performance management and human resources by sharing useful tips and techniques. “I don’t want to just write about what our software does; I want to offer them valuable insights on everything HR related.”

Primalogik blog topic examples:

One article on HR resolutions for 2020 generated a lot of buzz, Véronique notes, because many people were searching for advice on that topic at the time. Another article on how to eliminate pain points in performance reviews has driven traffic to their site over a prolonged period of time. 

“I really want to bring value to the article,” she emphasizes. “You’re helping me to do that.”

What’s more, Véronique noticed that visitors aren’t just arriving at their site via posts on LinkedIn or other platforms—an increasing percentage are getting there via organic search. The blog now drives 10% of their traffic to their website, and that number has been steadily rising, along with likes and shares on social media. 

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An Easy, Straightforward Process


Aside from the quality of the content, Véronique loves the ease, intuitiveness, and flexibility of the process of working with Content Pros. She can provide as much or as little direction for the writing team as she chooses. She can ask for a five-point article on a specific topic, providing an outline, or she can simply let them know what topic to cover (or even ask Content Pros to suggest some topics). Either way, the quality content writers create just what she had in mind. “It doesn’t matter how I start it—you always do a great job with it,” she says. 

Her satisfaction with the process struck her immediately. “It was easy to get started and to go through the revision process,” she notes.

She didn’t know what to expect when she first turned to Content Pros, so she gave a lot of details about what she wanted. “I remember being really pleased with the results of the first draft,” she says. “It’s like they read my mind—this is exactly what I wanted,” she remembers thinking. She asked the writer to tweak a couple of things, and then she received a final draft that met her expectations precisely. 

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 “I think the best part for me was the revision process,” she says. In the past, she’d tried working with writers who had trouble responding to feedback to make a piece of outsourced content exactly what she needed. With Content Pros, the writer works to fulfill her vision for each piece by adapting the article in any way necessary in response to her feedback. 

“If I give you feedback, you’ll be able to readjust and make it exactly what I want,” Véronique asserts. “I think that is something you do incredibly well.”

She also loves the clear timeframe—she knows she’ll get the first draft within several days, and then she’ll have the chance to share as much feedback as needed during the revision period. Using Google Docs allows for a super-simple review process. “It’s easygoing and intuitive; it’s not a headache,” she emphasizes.

All in all, Content Pros has fully met, if not surpassed, Véronique’s expectations, delivering a great value for the price, she emphasizes. With Content Pros as a collaborator, Primalogik gives customers and potential leads a steady stream of actionable advice that helps them grow their HR capabilities month after month.

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