A complete guide to understanding which path is right for your business.

Whether you’re looking for a graphic designer, web developer, or a content writer, outsourcing is no doubt an attractive – and relatively new – for finding what you need. But how does it weigh against hiring an in-house team of writers?

Both strategies come with their own set of challenges. How are you meant to trust the quality of outsourced work? How are you supposed to find the time and the resources to manage an in-house team?

These questions are particularly relevant to ask yourself when it comes to hiring content writers and executing your content marketing strategy. Mainly because more than half of marketers say that content is their top priority, but 70% of marketers lack a consistent content marketing strategy.

So, what is the best way for your business to achieve and succeed in your content marketing goals? We’ve created this blog post so that you can weigh the costs and benefits of hiring an in-house writing team versus an outsourced content creation service to help you make an informed decision.

You’ll love this blog post if you’re looking to:

  • Find out whether you’d like to hire an in-house writing team or a content creation services.
  • Find out which path is best for your business needs.
  • See a breakdown of the costs and benefits of hiring an in-house writing teams.
  • See a breakdown of the costs and benefits of hiring an outsourced content creation team.

But before we jump into our analysis, let’s answer the following question:

How much do I need to budget for my content creation anyways?

This answer will vary depending on the size of your business and your budget, but to give you a general idea, this is how much other companies are spending on content marketing.

In 2017, The Content Marketing Institute surveyed over 400 marketers across North America and came up with these results:


The reason both B2B and B2C companies are spending more than ¼ of their budget on content marketing is that it’s a notably powerful tool for increasing ROI, inbound leads, and other important metrics. In fact, according to HubSpot, “53% of marketers claimed that content marketing was their top inbound strategy.”


Because content is so powerful, it’s not only important to consider how much you’re going to spend, but also who you’re going to spend it on.

To get an idea of which path is right for you, we’ve created a cost-benefit analysis of hiring in-house writers versus an outsourced content creation service.

Cost of Hiring an In-House Writing Team vs. an Outsourced Content Creation Service

According to LinkedIn, the average cost of hiring one in-house writer is $82,526


Furthermore, LinkedIn reveals that the average cost of a 500-550-word outsourced blog post is $35, and a100-124 product description is $7.45.


Note: the cost of a content creation service varies depending on the quality of content and service you’re looking for.

With this in mind, if you’re a small-to-medium business, you could potentially save about $70,000 hiring an outsourced content creation service.


If you’re a large enterprise, you could potentially save about $200,000 hiring an outsourced content creation service.


Okay, so we can see that hiring an outsourced content creation service is more cost-efficient. But what are some other qualitative costs of hiring an in-house writer vs. using a content creation service?

Qualitative Costs of Hiring In-House Writers

Decreased Time and Resources:

Not only does recruit new talent for an in-house writing team require time and money, but it also requires a full-time manager to oversee strategy and production.

Fixed Resources:

Let’s say your in-house team is made up of two writers. What if you need to bump up your content creation for a new campaign? Who’s going to handle the extra workload?

Qualitative Costs of Hiring an Outsourced Content Creation Service

1. Brand Knowledge:

It may take more time for an outsourced content creation service to have a good understanding of your products, branding strategy, and target customers. That being said, all it takes is a good channel of consistent communication to get your vision across.

2. Decreased Control:

Anytime you outsource, you lose some control over what’s being created.

3. Finding the Right Agency:

You may have to sit through some trial-and-error before finding the right agency. That being said, it costs less to try out a content creation agency then it does to hire in-house writers.

Benefits of Hiring an In-House Writing Team vs. an Outsourced Content Creation Service

In-House Writing Team Benefits

1. Increased Control:

When you hire an in-house writing team you have more control over strategizes and processes associated with your content marketing. This also means having more control over your writer’s style and tone.

Outsourced Content Creation Service Benefits

1. Industry Experts:

Content that produces results has to be targeted, authoritative, and meaningful. Content creation services provide a large pool of talented writers that are experts in specific fields. By outsourcing your content creation, you will always have access to the best and most informed writer for your articles.

2. Ability to Upsize:

With an outsourced team you have the ability to bump up content production. Most content creation services have a large team of writers on hand!

3. Perspective:

Personalization and authenticity are critical factors for delivering quality content. When you hire an outsourced team of writers, you are making room for new angles on old ideas. As a result, your readers will be able to sense the authenticity in your blog posts.

4. Content volume:

On average, one in-house writer can produce 87 articles/month, whereas an outsourced content creation service can produce 163 articles per month.


According to our analysis, hiring a content creation service provides more benefits and is more cost-efficient than hiring a team of in-house writers. However, what are your needs as a business?

Is it more important to have direct access to your writers or to have the ability to upsize your writing team? Asking yourself these questions is going to be the main driver behind your decision to hire an in-house writer versus a content creation service.

But to give you a hand in making your decision, here is a summarized breakdown of out cost-benefit analysis: