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Cannabis is the real winner of the 2020 election. 

Five new states have voted to implement a legal cannabis market. Cannabis entrepreneurs from New Jersey, Arizona, Montana, and South Dakota are preparing to enter regulated recreational markets, while doctors in Mississippi can now prescribe medical cannabis for 22 debilitating conditions.

New cannabis laws mean a new wave of cannabis entrepreneurs. Cultivation facilities, processing plants, and cannabis dispensaries are going to start popping up. A wide range of support vendors will come alongside them.

For now, state lawmakers still have to create and deploy a regulatory framework for the new market. They have to develop regulations, award cannabis licenses, and get the legal cannabis industry off the ground. But that doesn’t mean you should be waiting in the meantime.

Your cannabis brand could be establishing itself as a market leader, reaching out to its future customers, and building a community. The moment regulators give the final approval, you’ll be set for explosive growth right out the gate.

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Start Building an Educated Cannabis Community Now

You won’t become your state’s leading cannabis brand overnight. While you’re applying for state licensing and building a foolproof business plan, you’ll need to start setting the foundation for customer outreach and education.

We’ve seen the same story play out in state after state: cannabis legalization brings newcomers to their local dispensaries. The latest tinctures, topicals, concentrates, and edibles are all on display. The budtenders start talking about trichomes and terpenes and get a blank stare in return.

The inexperienced, curious newcomers are immediately overwhelmed. The dispensary has unknowingly put up a barrier between itself and its customers – and it loses them as a result.

But cannabis brands that educate their customers well before their grand opening get to tell an entirely different story.

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Cannabis Success Demands Great Content

For cannabis dispensaries, cultivators, and processors, great content pays for itself. Cannabis is brand new in your state – people have a lot of questions about it. If you don’t answer those questions, your competitors will.

Cannabis brands that take on the role of industry educators quickly earn their place as industry leaders. There is no better way to educate your customers than through expert content. Blog posts, ebooks, case studies, press releases, and videos all play a critical role in bridging the gap between what consumers know about cannabis and what they need to know.

Dispensaries: Get a Head Start on Cannabis Content Marketing

As a cannabis entrepreneur, you won’t have many marketing options at your disposal. Most states forbid dispensaries from taking out traditional advertisements or displaying marketing materials in public.

Instead, you need to focus your marketing strategy on building a community. Digital content will play a huge role in getting your cannabis consumers onboard. 

So how do you do it? You establish yourself as the most credible source of cannabis-related information and news. The sooner you accomplish this task, the better your position will be the moment your state’s legal cannabis industry gets regulatory approval.

High-quality content gives your brand a head start in the race to cannabis industry leadership. It guarantees that by the time regulators approve your state’s cannabis market framework, you’ll have an audience of engaged leads ready to make their first legal purchase from your store.

B2B Cannabis Vendors: Use Content Marketing for Business Development

Tomorrow’s cannabis dispensary owners are looking for products and solutions. They’re looking for the expertise and professionalism that guarantees a successful launch. You know you can offer value to these up-and-coming industry leaders, but you have to convince them before the industry sets off.

Content marketing is the key to your success as a cultivator, processor, or service provider in the cannabis industry. The sooner you make your voice heard among your state’s new cannabis entrepreneurs, the better your results will be in the long-term.

Earning your niche in the cannabis industry will demand laser-focused content that answers the questions new cannabis entrepreneurs have. Engaging, educational content is what differentiates you from the rest of your peers.

Every cannabis professional you build a relationship with today is another step towards creating long-term value for your brand, your partners, and the cannabis community.

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