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It’s really easy. All you have to do is signup below with Content Pros to gain access to our entire team, technology and process to enhance your Agency. Our talent awaits you! 

Why partner with Content Pros?

Content Pros is changing how content production is being outsourced. We fundamentally believe written content is one of the most powerful mediums to grow your business online today. We have built a team of the top 1% writers, leverage an incredible content creation process and the best technology to make it all seamlessly for you.

As content floods the internet we also believe there is a ton of shit out there. Low quality content mills, churning keyword stuffed articles that truthfully no one wants to read. This is why our service has exploded the last few years. You crave a better blogging service you can trust, that can truly be an extension of your team and actually create something you want to hit publish on.  Truthfully, content you won’t be embarrassed about.

As an Agency Partner you will be able to take advantage of not only Agency pricing but also have the ability to share our services as an affiliate if it makes sense.

Our Agency Partnership Explained:

Our Agency Partners will be any Agency that offers content to their customers. Content, SEO and Full service Agencies typically see the most value with partnering with us. Allowing your agency to rapidly grow your content production overnight without the headaches of strategizing, hiring, interviewing and training new project managers, writers and editors is a problem in the past. 

Your account will be setup just as a normal customers would with a private dashboard, login, access to our content services, and you will also have your own affiliate dashboard for tracking + payouts. We will offer a private trackable referral link as well assets to make sharing easy. Agencies that want to keep Content Pros in the background don’t’ have to use Affiliate option but in some cases just referring us makes sense. Depends on your Agency model. We make it flexible for you. 

So what does Content Pros offer?

Content Pros offers a high-quality monthly blogging service. We currently focus just on Blog content ranging from 500 words to 5,000 words per post. (More services coming soon) Each Agency on average will purchase anywhere from 5,000 words+ per month depending on how much content they want to outsource. We are leagues above your “normal blogging service” and focus heavily on quality. Our Agency Partners crave this.

So what does the Agency Plan look like?

Our Agency plans are structured in a special way. Pricing is a flat $0.21 cents per word. Our min Agency content plan is 5,000 words per month and paid quarterly. This allows your agency to access 15,000 words per quarter and the ability to structure those posts however you would like them. Content never expires and at any point you can order more content at the same rate. Larger plans are of course available to fit your needs. 

How does the Affiliate program fit into the Agency Plan?

Like mentioned above all Agencies by default also have the ability to become Affiliate Partners. For some Agencies it is a better fit to just share Content Pros in which case you will receive 10% lifetime recurring commission on any monthly plan that your referrers purchase. Your affiliate link will also come with a 90-day tracking cookie. Our payouts are some of the best in the industry and paid out monthly to you.  

How can I get people to sign up?

Your private affiliate link will redirect to our sign up page. Here your lead will be able to try us out by taking advantage of our one-time 60% off discount trial offer. After, the customer will decide if our blogging service is the best fit.

Earnings explained:

If your lead converts into a paying customer after the trial blog post process you will then receive a lifetime 10% commission for anything purchased, which is paid out monthly (quarterly/ annual) to you.  

For example:

They buy 1 – 1,000 word blog post = $31.00/month commission to you per customer

They buy 1 – 2,000 word blog post = $62.00/month commission to you per customer

They buy 1 – 3,000 word blog post = $93.00/month commission to you per customer

I’m very interested, how can I qualify to be an Agency Partner?

Before you can become an active Agency partner and start taking advantage of our Agency pricing and Affiliate earning commissions with Content Pros you will need to sign up for an account, take us up on our discounted trial offer, and complete your Agency on-boarding questionnaire. We want to ensure anyone and everyone who is actively using and sharing our services has actually used them. This will give you a front row seat to our process, service, and quality so you can use our services with confidence.

Agency Partner Snapshot, Review and Getting Started:

*Your Private Agency Dashboard

*Special $0.21 cents per word agency pricing

*Quarterly payment minimum

*5,000 word minimum / month

How to get started:

Step 1: Click the Button below to sign up for your Free account 

Step 2: Complete our 60% off one-time trial offer after you signup. To qualify as a Content Pros Agency we do require each Agency to complete our on boarding process. This is a true win/win and allows us to provide you with a heavily discounted trial blog post on any topic you wish as well you can see first hand our sales process, content quality and be able to use our services with confidence moving forward. 

**The full trial process usually takes 5-7 days in total. If you have any questions before completing your order please let us know by email ([email protected]) or hit the orange chat bubble in the right hand corner of your screen. 

After you have made your trial purchase, you will be taken to your order dashboard and be able to provide us with your full idea brief for this sample post and access to your Agency dashboard to get started. 

-The Content Pros Team