Welcome to the Content Pros Affiliate Partner Program!

Are you interested in making money with Content Pros?

It’s really easy. All you have to do is recommend Content Pros using your private affiliate link on your website, blog, Facebook, Twitter or other social networks.

Why Promote Content Pros?

Content Pros is changing how content production is being outsourced. We fundamentally believe written content is one of the most powerful mediums to grow your business online today. We have built a team of the top 1% writers, leverage an incredible content creation process and the best technology to make it all seamlessly happen for our customers. 

As content floods the internet we also believe there is a ton of shit out there. Low quality content mills, churning keyword stuffed articles that truthfully no one wants to read. Adding no value really to anyone. This is why our service has exploded the last few years. You crave a better blogging service you can trust, that can truly be an extension of your team and actually create something you want to hit publish on. Truthfully, content you won’t be embarrassed about.

Our Affiliate Partnership Explained:

Our Affiliate Partners will be anyone who wants to promote and share our services with the world, their network, audience and or colleagues. This option is best for those who don’t want to manage the client relationship and just share the service and earn a recurring commission. This can be done casually or for some, a full-time source of income.

Your account will be setup just as a normal customer would with a private dashboard, login, access to our content services, and you will have your own affiliate dashboard for tracking + payouts. We will offer a private trackable referral link as well assets to make sharing uber easy for you.

So what does Content Pros offer?

Content Pros offers a high-quality monthly blogging service. We currently focus just on Blog content ranging from 500 words to 5,000 words per post. Each customer on average will purchase anywhere from 1 to 30 posts per month depending on how much content they want to outsource and need. We are leagues above your “normal blogging service” and focus heavily on quality. Our customers crave this.

How do you get paid?

All Affiliate Partners will receive $50 for each customer they refer that signs up for a sample blog post and additionally a flat 10% lifetime recurring monthly commission on anything their referrers purchase with us thereafter. Your affiliate link will also come with a industry leading 90-day tracking cookie. Our payouts are considered some of the best out there. 

How can I get people to sign up?

Your private affiliate link will redirect to our sign up page. Here your lead will be able to watch a video on our services, fill out a short qualifying questionnaire, and then pay our sample post deposit of $290.00. This deposit is fully refunded back to the customer once the post is complete. This helps ensure we always get the highest quality prospects/leads who are serious about content marketing and using our services. After, the customer will decide if our blogging service is the best fit.

Earnings explained:

You will receive $50.00 every time someone you refer signs up for a Free Sample Post

If they convert into a paying customer after the sample post process you will then receive a lifetime 10% commission for anything purchased, this will be paid out monthly to you on the 1st of each calendar month.  

For example:

They buy 1 – 1,000 word blog post = $29.00/month commission to you per customer

They buy 1 – 2,000 word blog post = $58.00/month commission to you per customer

They buy 1 – 3,000 word blog post = $87.00/month commission to you per customer

I’m very interested, how can I qualify to be an Affiliate Partner?

Before you can become an active affiliate partner and start earning commissions with Content Pros you will need to complete our Affiliate Application below. 

Affiliate Partner Snapshot, Review and Getting Started:

*Your Private Affiliate Dashboard + referral link

*Access to sharing assets

*Confidence of a High Converting Sales Funnel

*$50 for every sample post referred

*10% lifetime monthly recurring commission (on any content plan the customer purchases)

*A Tracking 90-day cookie