Learn how this marketing agency gained the stellar content it needed without the hassle of managing freelancers, thanks to Content Pros. 


For a smaller marketing agency seeking to scale, providing its clients with top-tier content poses a tremendous challenge. 

A couple of years ago, Kasey Jones, named one of the 35 Most Influential Women in Sales by Sales Hacker, decided it was time to strike out on her own to help early-stage tech-focused and B2B startups with their marketing. She quickly assembled a talented crew of staff like Nicci Boots, their content strategist, and A Better Jones was born.

With four staff on board, they’ve always been a lean and mean team, Kasey says. Early on, she knew that meant they needed to outsource a lot of their content writing as their agency steadily expanded. They simply didn’t have enough hours in the week to do it in-house.  

They faced the challenge of continuing to create high-quality content for their diverse clients but at a faster rate. They needed a powerful content engine to meet the needs of their growing client base—and Content Pros delivered.


The demands of agency content production.


A Better Jones delivers content to numerous clients as part of their marketing plan. In the beginning, Kasey did her best to produce some of this content while assembling and managing a group of outsourced content writers. “It was moderately successful, but it was very time consuming; it was very challenging,” she says.

The turnover felt overwhelming. Writers would say they were excited to work with her for the foreseeable future, then accept a full-time job elsewhere three weeks later. “It took a lot of time and effort to manage,” Kasey says. A Better Jones worked hard to choose quality content writers, which meant finding and vetting them took a good bit of time.

Their clients, which are mostly startups, strive to build an online presence through a steady stream of well-crafted content. Writing all this content and managing an unreliable staff of freelancers proved far too time-consuming for A Better Jones’ staff. Being a lean and mean team, they each wear many hats and handle an ever-shifting range of duties.

They urgently needed to have some things taken off their plate so they could hone in on bigger-picture priorities and deliver the full scope of services their clients expected. 


A content engine that delivers. 


About a year and a half ago, Kasey decided to try something new. She reached out to Content Pros because a friend had spoken highly of them. Before the first post, she had an in-depth call with Pablo, Head of Customer Success at Content Pros, about content strategy, which she found extremely motivating. She then opted to test the waters by having Content Pros write a few blog posts for her company. 

The results blew her away. “Truly, after the first blog post, I was sold,” she remarks. The quality, the process, and the customer service all won her over. 

“Not only does Content Pros make it ridiculously easy to manage from a time perspective, but the quality is always really stellar and makes us look really good to our clients.” Kasey Jones, CEO


Expertise in specialized topics. 


A Better Jones’ clients need content on extremely specialized topics—things like mergers and acquisitions, diversity in the workplace, or robotics. It’s a challenge to delve in and take the time to really understand them, Nicci explains. “The writers that Content Pros has provided us always know exactly what they’re talking about and do it in a really elegant way,” she asserts. “They write things that really resonate with the readers.” 

“We’re just consistently blown away by the quality,” says Kasey. “No matter what we seem to throw at the Content Pros team, they knock it out of the park.”

“We operate and work with clients in very niche spaces, and Content Pros manages to find writers who can talk about very complex and sometimes boring things, in ways that are engaging.” Nicci Boots, Content Strategist.


Measurable success.


At first, Kasey says, clients are often skeptical that A Better Jones will be able to deliver content that truly reflects their business’s voice and values. However, they’re soon pleasantly surprised. “Content Pros has always helped us achieve that goal,” she says. Through rising engagement levels and page views, clients immediately begin to see a positive response. Kasey works with their sales team to determine whether a blog post is helping them warm up their leads.

“Everything we do is hyper-focused on helping the sales team fill their pipeline, especially for our early-stage startups market,” Kasey adds. “When it comes to onboarding new clients, Content Pros helps us deliver demonstrable
results quickly.”

With Content Pros’ high-quality content writers, clients see results faster—more traffic to their site; more engagement on their social channels; leads moving down the funnel and into the pipeline. The blog posts make leads more likely to get on a sales call by establishing A Better Jones’ expertise.

To their startup clients, having these benefits without a huge price tag is pivotal. “They are looking for marketing dollars that are going to deliver a big bang for their buck and help them bring in that really critical early revenue,” Kasey asserts.


A simple, streamlined process. 


Currently, A Better Jones enlists Content Pros to create blog materials for eight clients, as well as for their own blog. Content Pros helps them with special projects as well, such as writing white papers or multi-blog series for their clients.

Nicci loves how she can submit an idea in the customer portal, along with a few talking points or suggestions to guide the article, and have that post at her fingertips within a week.

They rarely need to request revisions. “It’s just a very streamlined and effective process,” Kasey says. They also love how responsive their designated Content Pros writing team always is. “Customer service has been so helpful and
so positive.”

With Content Pros providing consistently high-quality outsourced content, A Better Jones is prepared to continue scaling up. Equipped with a powerful content engine that’s ready to deliver all their content needs, they can quickly launch new projects and help their clients fill their pipelines with leads. And that’s a win for everyone!


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