If you’re experiencing any of these pain points, see if Content Pros can bring you some pain relief!


Why should you outsource all of your blog content production to Content Pros?

If you’re experiencing one or more of the following pain points associated with creating and managing content production, then Content Pros could be the answer that will bring you some pain relief.

Here are six reasons it makes sense for agencies to outsource all their blog content production to Content Pros:

1. Managing a Team of Freelance Writers

Challenges associated with managing a team of freelance writers:

  • Time: Time is the biggest pain point for businesses who manage a team of freelance writers. Besides content creation, plenty of time has to be spent on maintaining your blog and website, online marketing, SEO optimization, and much more. Plus, managing a team of freelance writers is not always an easy task, especially when you’re scouting and introducing writers from sources like Upwork and Flivver where there’s no guarantee on their quality of work or experience working with an agency.
  • Resources: The resources required to manage a team of freelance writers are similar to those at other departments in your business, such as HR. You need a full-time manager that can focus solely on your writers, pay employee benefits for the writers as well as spend money and time on training and other employee-related resources necessary to run a team.

How Content Pros can help:

  • Outsourcing your content with us will allow for a more flexible content schedule and budget because we can deliver high-quality work within a short period of time and at a reasonable price.
  • We have a team of over 100 writers in a wide variety of niches, so not only can we produce all kinds of content, but we will always match a writer with the most experience on a topic to each blog post ordered.

Pro Tip

: Check out a real-life example of how the Weinheimer Group uses Content Pros to save themselves the time and hassle of managing a team of freelance writers.

2. Editing Blog Content

Challenges associated with editing your own blog content:

  • Time: When you spend so much time writing content, it’s often easy to skip over editing. The issue, however, is that editing is where the real magic happens in the content production process. It’s where the finesse is added to help your blog posts stand out.
  • Authority: Editing is where a business establishes authority in their blog content by ensuring the content is free of grammatical errors and plagiarism issues.

How Content Pros can help:

  • Content Pros has a dynamic team of experienced editors who can guarantee that your article is error-free and epic enough to publish.

Pro Tip

: Check out a real-life example of how NuSvara uses Content Pros to help them find expert writers in every industry.

3. Idea Generation

Challenges associated with generating your own ideas:

  • Relevancy: Part of the secret to creating content that rocks is generating ideas that are relevant to your audience. However, most businesses who manage their own content production often have trouble finding the trends, niches, and pain points associated with their product/service and industry on a consistent basis.

How Content Pros can help:

  • Our creative team can assist with idea generation through detailed research. And because they are experts in their industries, they are well-versed in the latest trends and topics that are worth discussing on your blog.
  • You also have access to our blog idea generator.

Pro Tip: Although we don’t exclusively handle the creation of your blog post strategy, we have plenty of free resources that can assist in the process.

4. Creating Promotional Content for Blog Posts

Challenges associated with creating promotional content for blog posts:

  • Time: Yet again, time is one of the biggest challenges associated with creating promotional content. Promotional content is all the extra writing important for the visibility of your blog posts, such as emails, Facebook posts, Twitter posts, and meta descriptions.

How Content Pros can help:

  • We are well-versed in what it takes to create promotional content that generates optimal results.
  • As an add-on, we handle all the promotional content creation, so all you have to do is press “send” to get your newest blog post noticed by your target audience.

5. Blog Post Implementation

Challenges associated with blog post implementation:

  • It’s tedious: Formatting, sizing, inserting hyperlinks, etc. are tedious implementation tasks that often take businesses up to three hours to complete.

How Content Pros can help:

  • As an add-on, Content Pros will do all the heavy-lifting for your blog post implementation. This means that we handle everything from blog post formatting to resizing and adding images.

Pro Tip: Find out more about Content Pros’ three new service offerings, including blog post-implementation.

6. Finding Featured Images

Challenges associated with finding featured images:

  • Uniqueness: We all know by now that visuals are more effective for our audience to remember than text. That’s why it’s crucial to find a featured image that not only stands out but captures the essence of the blog post.

How Content Pros can help:

We offer custom graphic design to make sure that your featured image is unique and relevant to your blog post.

Pro Tip: See an overview of our promotional content, blog post-implementation, and featured image graphic design offerings.

Final Thoughts

Content Pros can be a time (and life) saver by handling the big task of creating your content, not only at a level of quality that you’ll love, but also within a time frame that you’ll be impressed with.

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